ARCHER: A Representative Corpus of Historical English Registers


  • User Agreement (MS Word DOCX, 37 KB) or User Agreement (PDF, 88 KB) (Apr 2014)
    • Please read Part 1 of the Agreement carefully, and Part 2 (for an individual) or Part 3 (an instructor on behalf of a class).
    • For online use, create an account on the Lancaster CQPweb server (unless you have one already). This applies both to individual researchers and students in a class.
    • Please then go to the ARCHER registration form, where there is a simple online form to fill in for ARCHER, including an electronic signature for the User Agreement. Individual users will need their CQPweb username. (NB. Students in a class do not need to fill in the online ARCHER form.)
    • Instructors of classes should send a list of their students’ CQPweb usernames by email to In order to use ARCHER themselves they should include their own username in the student list, or submit our online form again as an individual user.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (copyright holders) (PDF, 30 KB)
  • Hints and tips on using ARCHER online in CQPweb (PDF, 88 KB)
  • Entry for ARCHER in CoRD (Corpus Research Database at VARIENG, Helsinki)
  • Poster, based on ‘ARCHER past and present (1990-2011)’ presented by Nuria Yáñez-Bouza at ICAME 32, updated to October 2013 (PDF, 195 KB)